Preparing for a Great Reading!


There are things to remember prior to attending a Psychic Medium/Medical Intuitive Session.  If you follow some basic guidelines you can encourage a very successful Session.


1.  Readings are all about your energy so get plenty of rest and stay relaxed prior to your session.  Entering into a session with the expectation of one person or one thing will block the flow of your reading.

2. Take time to think about what questions you would like answered prior to your session and the names of departed loved ones from the other side that you would like to invite to your session.  Just be aware that the connection of a channel is guided by spirit, so remain open to whatever information is provided.  You may receive important information from someone you least expect.

3. Respect your Reader - be on time, be organized and respect the time that has been allotted for YOU.   Your Reader has dedicated energy and time for your session...don't be distracted with cell phones, have proper payment ready and if recording -bring a device that is working and ready. 

4. HAVE FUN...a reading should be enjoyable!