Bookings can be made by ONLINE BOOKING CALENDAR


Phone 250-754-6003  Email:


 $120 Etransfer through Online Banking

Etransfers can be sent to 

Etransfer is required upon booking.  If payment has not been received after booking your appointment may be cancelled.

A Password & Phone Number is always required via email once the etransfer is sent.  You will be called at your scheduled appointment time (please make sure you have accounted for any time changes for your appropriate time zone). 

Please use a quiet, comfortable place to receive your phone call where you will not be disturbed or distracted.  It is important to be alone during a channelled session as this is energy work and others around you during an appointment can mean information being given to them instead of yourself.

Visa/Mastercard or Personal Cheques are Not Accepted

 Sessions are approximately One Hour

Final 15 Minutes of Session will allow for Questions

 Phone Sessions are not recorded via Oryan

Pre-payment is required to confirm your session at the time of booking

If you do not send your etransfer and do not want to follow through with your appointment it is still necessary to Cancel the Session via email or telephone.  If the session is not cancelled it will be considered payable.


Oryan requires 48 Hours prior to a Booked Session for Cancellation 

We ask that you provide 48 hours notice of cancellation.  We also recognize that unexpected circumstances can come up without advance notice so as a courtesy, please remember to call or email as soon as your circumstances change and we will kindly rebook a more convenient time for you.   Oryan depends on your respect to run effeciently and reserves the right to charge for a full session fee if Session times are not fulfilled. 

Please know that if an appointment is booked on behalf of someone else, the responsiblity of the appointment is that of the person booking the session.