Preparing forA Great Reading!

Things to remember prior to attending a Reading with Oryan

 If you follow some basic guidelines you can have a very successful Session


1.  Readings are all about your energy so try to get plenty of rest and stay relaxed prior to your session.  If your attending in person give yourself plenty of time to find the location and find appropriate parking.  If your receiving a phone session, please be ready for your phone call and settle in a quiet area where you are alone and free of interruptions for the duration of the session. A calm relaxed energy will work best for a clear, accurate session.  The way in which you feel will determine the quality of the session.

2. The Reading itself will be guided by spirit but take the time to ask your departed friends and family to join you on the day of your session.  Prepare questions that you may have for the end of your session that you would like guidance with if they are not answered during the Channelled part of your appointment. (10-15 minutes will be provided at the end of the session for questions)

3. Each Session booked for the day is slotted for the convenience of each person receiving a quality personal session. Extra time cannot be added if you are late or unprepared upon arriving for your appointment.   Your session begins at your allotted session time so make sure you are settled, comfortable and ready to begin so you can take advantage of the time allotted for your special time!

4. HAVE FUN...Readings can be an emotional experience but they should also be enjoyable.  Our loved ones that have passed on have taken great steps to show up for you...enjoy your visit!